Blinding Lights: 4 Billion Spotify Streams on This Song

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We are off to an amazing start to 2024 with Spotify streaming, which is expected to be the greatest year for music consumption ever.

Blinding Lights 4 Billion Spotify Streams

With a breakthrough, this year starts for us in an exciting way. The song “Blinding Lights” from “The Weekend” achieved an impressive number of streams. The artist hit 4 billion Spotify plays for this single song, making it the biggest hit of the year 2024.

Expressing his gratitude, “The Weeknd” said, “I will always be humbled by the fact that anything I create reaches millions of people, let alone billions! I am incredibly thankful that this song brings joy to people and that they keep coming back to listen.”

Blinding Lights 4 Billion Spotify Streams

“The Weeknd” claims that “Blinding Lights” reached its perfect moment, stating, “When Blinding Lights happened, I was already 10 years into my career and had established myself as a music figure in the industry. I am grateful that “Blinding Lights” came when it did, rather than being the first single I have ever released. That would have been discouraging to me.”

Record Breaking Song n Spotify

Breaking records on the United States charts, “Blinding Lights” stayed in the top 100 for the coming 88 weeks. This is going to be the first song to spend it’s entire year in the Billboard Top 10. Furthermore, it also achieved another significance by claiming the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 track of all time. Listeners could not get enough of it because it surpasses “The Twist” of “Chubby Checker.”

Blinding lights’ sustaining success is evident throughout The Weeknd’s whole collection. Now, he holds the top spot as the No. 1 artist on Spotify. And he got an impressive number of songs, reaching a huge 7 trillion times, a considerable increase from the previous year.

Jeremy Elrich, Spotify’s global head of music, expressed, “The Weeknd is consistently achieving his new milestones year after year on Spotify. This is just one of the many records he has broken with us. As our platform expands worldwide, his music reaches an increasing number of people.

Blinding Lights 4 Billion Spotify Streams

Elrich continued by saying, “The success of “Blinding Lights” serves as a prime example that music brings people together. Its an extraordinary song in a league of its own.”

In the year 2023, the “Multi-Grammy” award winning artist achieved a groundbreaking feat by breaking the record for the highest audience at a live concert. And The Weeknd got a record breaking audience at London Stadium in his shows.

Additionally, continuing his streak of achievements, he further maintains his position by breaking the record for the number of ticket sales at “Wembley Stadium” a few months later. The Weeknd has the ability to make massive crowds and set new records as a live performer. His captivating stage performance and musical powers have left lasting impressions on the world of live entertainment.