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Updated on: May 2024

Are you one of those Spotify Audiophiles who is frustrated with continuous ads interruptions, song skipping limitations, low sound quality, restricted music shuffling and limited features available for Spotify basic plan users? Well you are not alone. The poor audio streaming, no offline music streaming, audio ads and other limitations makes the experience frustrating.

Download Spotify MOD APK v8.9.18.512 Premium Unlocked 2024

Spotify Premium Mod APK




Size 75 MB

Download 9M


The Good News!!! is that now you can avail the Spotify Premium features free. Yes, you heard that Right. Now, you can safely download SPOTIFY PREMIUM APK, with no ad limitations, unlimited song skipping, enhanced audio streaming quality, songs shuffling and downloading songs to listen in Offline Mode. The latest version of Spotify premium APK offers unlimited premium features absolutely Free of cost. 

Download Spotify MOD APK v8.9.18.512 Premium Unlocked 2024

Spotify Premium APK Description

APP Detail
Application NameSpotify Premium
Last UpdateMay 2024
PublisherSpotify AB
CategoryMusic & Audio
Size78 MB
System Android 5.0+
Price0 USD / Free
Spotify Premium APK Application Details

Are you still worried about downloading Spotify premium APK? is the safest platform that provides you malware free APK files. You can safely download and install the MOD Spotify APK from the download button given above. Your device safety is our top priority. 

Download Spotify MOD APK v8.9.18.512 Premium Unlocked 2024

What is the Spotify Premium APK?

If you are a music enthusiast, you can obviously imagine what it feels like ads interrupting your song listening experience, not being able to skip songs, inability to download songs and listen offline and most important is a poor quality audio streaming. Getting charged for premium features is another sad story. Here is where Spotify Premium APK comes in!! 

Spotify Premium lets you enjoy an ad free listening, songs downloading, playlist shuffling, unlimited skips, personalized smart playlists and much more absolutely free. And when these are not enough, the Mod Spotify APK provides you much more. Here is a glimpse of features that Spotify Premium has to offer, that too, absolutely free.

  • Spotify Connect
  • Share songs with Spotify codes
  • Spotify AI powered DJ
  • Smart algorithms curated playlists
  • Song shuffling
  • Follow artists
  • View Song lyrics
  • Search and Seeking enabled
  • Podcasts
  • Voice prompts with Alexa
  • Listening parties
  • Adding members to Spotify family

Does that Convince you? If yes, Download Spotify Premium APK latest version  now and get access to all premium features.

Features of Spotify Premium APK (Free)

The Premium Spotify APK is equipped with so many exciting features that boosts user experience. All these features are unfortunately not available in the free version. Find out all about these premium features that make your Spotify experience the best ever for a music streaming service.

Latest features of Spotify MOD APK [premium]

No Ads

Recurring ads interrupting your overall listening experience is a big failure for any music streamers. The Spotify Premium APK gives you an ads free music listening experience. Now you don’t have to worry about audio ads breaking your momentum. Not only this saves your battery life, mobile data and time but also enhances your overall experience.

Better Audio Quality

If you are a true audiophile, you must be aware how better audio quality improves your mood. The Spotify premium APK gives you clear, high definition audio with all the details and depth you want to feel and experience out of the music you are listening to. Spotify offers three different audio qualities, discussed as under

  • Spotify Free: Lower sound quality, 160kbps.
  • Premium Version: Higher intensity and better sound quality as equated to the free version, 320kbps.
  • Spotify Hi-Fi: This tier promises lossless audio, music streaming in CD quality, higher resolution, 1411kbps.

Smart Music Discovery

Who would not love a playlist exclusively curated for you, based on your own listening history, patterns and moods. The Spotify premium has “Made for you” and “Fans Also Like” features where Spotify smart algorithms discover your music preferences and come up with customized playlists. The feature learns your music searches, skipping, liking, following, shuffling and uses all this data to curate playlists specially for you.

Unlimited Track Skips

As a music lover, you can also imagine the cringe when you are not able to skip unwanted tracks but face limitations. The Spotify Premium APK lets you skip as many songs as you want to. The free version allows only 6 song skips per hour which is not enough. The premium version lets you skip undesired tracks till you finally pick and listen to the track you like.

Download and Stream Offline

It is virtually impossible to be online all the time and stream your favorite music whenever you want to. The free Spotify version only streams music when you have data available. The premium Spotify lets you download songs and playlists you like and then you may listen to them in offline mode. However, the Mod Spotify APK available on our website does not support the song downloads. Song downloads need specific authorization from Spotify servers which is not possible in the modified Spotify version.

Easy User Interface

The power of a good user interface can be gauged by how google ranks websites on the basis of better user interface and experience. Similarly, an App’s interface where the user finds it easy to navigate through features decides the success of that app. The Spotify Premium APK has one of those easy user interfaces that lets the user navigates through different features, music libraries, podcasts, audiobooks, song lyrics and anything only from the home screen. Sounds Complicated? No it isn’t, check out yourself.

Podcast audio enhanced – Filtering out Noise

Does every Podcast content creator need a studio to record their podcasts free from noisy environments? Whether you are in a mall or around a street with a fish market surrounding you, you can now use Spotify Premium noise cancelling feature that effectively blurs out all the irrelevant noise from the background while creating a podcast content. The podcast audio enhancement lets you switch from allowing and blocking background noises to help you compare the two podcast environments and setups. 

View Song lyrics 

One of the many exciting features of Spotify Premium is that it lets you view lyrics while you stream the music. You can now sing along with the artist by viewing the lyrics side by side. Spotify has collaborated with Genius and Music match to integrate the lyrics feature in its music library giving an edge to its users over other music streaming alternative services.

AI Powered DJ

Leave your song selection to the AI powered DJ who recommends songs and playlists derived from Artificial intelligence. What is better than using AI to create playlists for you and also recommend podcasts, informative content, stories and much more. Unfortunately,  This feature is only available for Canadian or US users, and it is in the Spotify premium gift card section.

Song Seeking Enabled

Song seeking, playing the track from anywhere you want, skip and drag it to where you want to play it from is available in the Spotify premium APK only, The basic Spotify does not let you listen to a song from the middle or even skip the song in the middle of streaming. You can also shuffle, repeat and forward the song using the seek-enabled feature of premium Spotify.

No Root Required

Most of the modified app versions require third party apps to download and install the app on your android device. However, the Spotify premium APK does not need a root app to install the Spotify premium on your device. You can safely download it from our website and install it without any malware or spam risk.

Additional Features 

  • Multiple languages unlocked
  • Social listening and sharing
  • Spotify codes to share music
  • Animated heart unlocked feature
  • Editorial mode unlocked

Playlist in a Bottle – Upcoming Feature in 2024

Spotify is all set to launch its new feature, Playlist in a bottle. This upcoming feature is based on the concept of Time machine through which you can seal your favorite music, playlists, songs in a capsule so it becomes your favorite tracks, playlists and podcasts secured in a bottle. You can break open the bottle at the start of the next year. The concept is very much similar to Spotify wrapped which also gives you your entire music listening history from the whole year. Visit to find out more.

Pros and Cons of Spotify Premium

Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, MACOS, smart TV, Car audio and Apple watchHigh Premium plan prices and continuously hiking.
Highly intuitive user interfaceNo live Radio
Available in 178 countriesTracks and Playlists get deleted anytime
Audio books & Podcasts added to LibrarySome countries have limited features
Artist accountCan compromise your email address.
Different Premium payment plans 
Music Download and listen offline
Pros and Cons of Spotify premium APK

Spotify Premium Vs Spotify Basic

Spotify FreeSpotify Premium
Audio Ads interruptionsNo ads
No offline listeningDownload and listen offline
Skip 6 tracks/hourUnlimited Song skipping
Audio quality 160 kbpsAudio streaming quality 320 kbps
No social listening Social listening feature enabled
Manual song searchSearch Filters 
Limited Music Library80 Millions songs & Podcasts
Locked Premium featuresPremium Unlocked
Free of Cost$ 5.99 – $ 16.99 / month 
Comparison Between Premium and Basic Spotify

Spotify Premium Pricing Plans

The Spotify premium offers different pricing plans for different users based on their music consumption. They have tailored plans to suit their user base to help them subscribe to the best and most affordable Spotify pricing plan. Here is a glimpse of Spotify pricing plans given below.

  • Individual Plan – $10.99 / month
  • Duo Plan – 14.99 / month
  • Student Plan – $5.99 / month
  • Family plan – $16.99/month

However, to avoid bearing the cost of premium plans, yet enjoy all the premium features, you can download Spotify premium APK from this website.

How to Download and Install Spotify premium APK on Android

how to download and install Spotify MOD APK [premium]

Downloading and installing Spotify premium APK is a smooth and foolproof process. The process varies from device to device and among different operating systems. So I have given a complete download and install procedure to make the process smooth for you.
To download and install Spotify premium APK on Android, follow the given steps:

Step#1 Download Spotify Premium APK

download steps of Spotify MOD APK [premium]

To start, click on the “GO TO DOWNLOAD PAGE” button given above, followed by the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button. Click on “DOWNLOAD ANYWAYS” Your download will start shortly. Once the download is complete, locate and open the APK file you have downloaded.

Step#2 Installation of Spotify Premium APK

installation steps of Spotify MOD APK [premium]

Click to start the installation process. You will get a chrome pop up message that asks you to confirm downloading from Third party apps click on “Allow this installation“.
Allow the installation, and then you will see the installation bar. Once it reaches 100%, open the file.

Step#3 Login | Sign up Spotify Account

sign up in Spotify MOD APK [premium]

Once the installation is complete, launch the app and tap on the “Email” button. Next, select the “SIGN UP FREE” option. Proceed to enter your email, password, date of birth, gender, and name. Finally, tap on the “Create” button to complete the process.
Log in to Spotify using your credentials or you can also create a new Spotify account.
I would recommend you to use a secondary email address to sign up to Spotify Premium APK.
Learn More: How to Create Account on Spotify | Spotify Premium for Free

What’s New in the latest Spotify Premium Version v8.10.9.722

With every new update, Spotify fixes some of its previous bugs, introduces new features and resolves issues, let’s find what has Spotify introduced in v8.10.9.722.

  • Bug Fixes
  • Better User Interface.
  • Supports Apple Airplay.
  • More languages and countries are supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Spotify Premium APK for free?

To get Spotify Premium APK for free, you have to find a reliable website and then download the APK from the “Download” button.

How do I install Spotify Premium APK on Android?

Firstly, you have to download the Spotify Premium APK file from a trusted website. You can download the file from
Secondly, allow “Unknown Sources” in the mobile settings.
Finally, you have to find that APK file that you downloaded, install it, then, sign up and enjoy the music.

Is Spotify Premium APK safe to utilize?

It’s all right to use it since I have actually personally examined it and found that it does not include any type of virus or destructive files. Nevertheless, if the Spotify team learns you’re utilizing the Premium APK, they might ban your account. If you do not wish to take care of this, you can utilize the Spotify Premium APK on various emails.

Where can I download the current Spotify Premium APK version? is the place to download the most up-to-date Spotify Premium APK. We will update the link as soon as the new Spotify app version shows up in the Google Play Store.

Just how do I install Spotify Premium on my iPhone or iPad?

Spotify++ is a complimentary option to Spotify Premium for iPhone and iPad. Download it below.


So, you are now well aware of Spotify Premium APK and its features. You can download it from our website totally free without any fear of malware. I will keep updating the latest version of Spotify premium APK file, so stay tuned with us.!

Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the remarks section. We’re here to assist.