How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream in 2024?

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So, here is the question people ask about how much streamers get paid and what is Spotify pay per stream. According to Spotify, Spotify doesn’t pay artists according to per-play or per-stream rate; the revenue that artists make varies according to differences in how their music is streamed or the agreements they signed with labels and distributors. For further details, you can visit the official page of Spotify for artist royalties. Spotify make most revenue from premium users. You can also get Spotify Premium (for free) from our other articles.

Understanding Spotify Pay per Stream

Spotify’s artist payment model is not based on the per-stream model as per new January 2024. Generally, artists earn an average of $0.003 to $0.005 for each stream. Artists will receive payment once their songs have reached 1,000 streams in the past 12 months. This is set to begin in January 2024. This payment structure can result in significant earnings for established artists such as the Rolling Stones.

However, independent artists may need time to generate substantial revenues. Spotify similarly splits its revenue, with 70% going to rights holders, including publishers, songwriters and master recording owners, and 30% to Spotify. The exact Spotify pay per stream will vary depending on factors like geographic location, subscription type and distribution agreements.

It is difficult to predict earnings with Spotify’s revenue calculators due to the multiple revenue pools, changing regulations and industry changes and understanding how Spotify’s payments work is important for all artists, independent or labelled, in order to navigate the complex world of streaming compensation.

How Spotify Counts Streams

  1. Song Stream:  Spotify counts a song stream when that song is listened to for 30 seconds or more.
  2. Release Stream Count: This refers to that adding up all the streams of songs from all releases on Spotify. If a song has multiple releases on Spotify, those streams count by adding.
  3. Total streams: Total number of streams your song has received on Spotify. All-time streams are calculated by adding music video streams (of 30 seconds or longer) to the total number of streams for a song and the release it is part of. Spotify for Artists currently only counts music video streams in the all-time stream stat.
  4. Downloaded Music: Streams are counted when a listener is online (at least once a month).

After reading this you can estimate Spotify pay per stream by yourself.

What’s New on Spotify: Recent Changes

According to Spotify they are going towards the modernizing their royalty system to drive an additional $1 billion toward emerging and professional artists. Here are some points about recent changes Spotify makes for artists.

Artificial Streaming

Spotify wants to discourage artificial streaming practices by charging labels and distributors who are detected. This is a result of improved detection technology and collaboration with industry partners to ensure fair compensation for artists.

Payment Lost in System

Spotify will begin recording royalties in early 2024 if a track has reached 1,000 streams within the last 12 months. This change is intended to make sure that streaming revenues reach the artists most heavily dependent on them and to eliminate small payments, which are often forgotten.

Gaming the System with Noise

Spotify will implement new policies on noise recordings starting February 1, 2024. This includes increasing the minimum track duration to two minutes for genres such as white noise and natural sounds. The goal is to stop bad actors from using short tracks as a way to increase royalty-bearing streams. It also aims to improve the listening experience for listeners and ensure fair compensation.

Spotify is now addressing these issues so hardworking artists make more money. These changes can increase Spotify pay per stream.

Spotify vs. Other Platforms: Comparing Royalty Rates

The streaming platform payouts can vary depending on a number of factors. These include the contract between the artist and their record label, as well as the location, subscription type and platform. We’ve listed below the average music streaming payments per stream on the major streaming platforms in 2024.
Streaming PlatformsAverage Pay Per Stream
YouTube Music$0.002
Amazon Music$0.0055
Apple Music$0.0065
BBC Sounds$0.007

Avoiding Penalties: Consequences of Bot Streams

Music streaming platforms only consider organic streams from original listeners. If artists try to get streams from automated bots then they can get various type of penalties depending upon how they violates the rules and regulations of that platform. The penalties can range from a temporary suspension of an artist’s account to the permanent removal of music from the platform. Fraudulent streaming practices can also damage the reputation of an artist in the music industry.

How to Increase Your Earnings on Spotify

Some artists make all efforts to earn a reasonable amount of money from Spotify, but they only focus on making content and uploading it to Spotify. You have to attract an audience by applying strategies so your content gets more streams. Here are some proven strategies that will help you a lot. These strategies can increase Spotify pay per stream.

Use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to build a community of followers who are interested in your music. YouTube is a great way to promote your music and optimize your videos using relevant keywords. This will drive traffic to your Spotify account. Engage your audience on all platforms and stay consistent with updates to grow your Spotify streams effectively.


The amount that artists earn per Spotify stream is flexible. Spotify pay per stream is $0.003 and $0.005 but need at least 1,000 streams before they are paid. Spotify divides its revenue and has recently made changes to increase artists’ income by cracking down and setting up new rules. Other platforms pay differently. Artists who want to earn more money on Spotify should engage their fans with social media and YouTube.


How many streams do you need to make money on Spotify?

Starting in 2024, songs on Spotify need to get at least 1,000 listens in a year to earn money, and streams count when someone listens for 30 seconds or more.

How much does Spotify pay artists for 1 million streams?

Spotify pay per 1 million streams can vary, but it is generally to be around $4,000 to $7,000.

How much does Spotify keep per stream?

The exact amount is not mentioned anywhere, but according to the percentages Spotify mentioned Spotify keep per stream is approximately from $0.00225 to $0.003.

How to get paid on Spotify?

To earn on Spotify, upload music through a distributor, register with a PRO for royalties, promote for streams, track earnings, and engage with audience through new releases and promotion. You can see complete steps from official Spotify.