Spotify Vs Amazon Music | Better Option?

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Your songs streaming service can make or damage your paying attention experience. That’s why it’s important to locate the one that ideal fits your needs and way of living. For streaming, Amazon Songs and Spotify presently lead the music registration services pack, but which one is much better?

Past Amazon Prime benefits, we’re breaking down everything you require to understand in the fantastic Spotify Vs Amazon Music argument, including pricing, features, audio quality and various other features.

Free Plans: Spotify Vs Amazon Music

FeatureSpotifyAmazon Music
Music AccessFull access to library (with ads)Limited access only
ShufflingYes, but limited skips (6 per hour)No
Song SelectionChoose any song on demandLimited to curated playlists and stations
Offline PlaybackNot availableNot available
High-Quality StreamingNot availableNot available
Ad Length & Frequency30-second ads every 15-20 minutesVaries, often multiple ads in a row
Supported DevicesWide range of devices (desktop, mobile, web)Limited to web player and some Echo/Fire devices
Social FeaturesSharing on social media, collaborative playlistsLimited to sharing individual songs
PodcastsAccess to limited podcasts with adsLimited access to select podcasts with ads
Spotify Vs Amazon Music- Free Plans

Get Spotify Premium Free

Get spotify premium free


Spotify’s intelligent formula makes it very easy to discover categories, podcasts, and filters sounds according to your mood. Spotify’s playlists additionally have a feature called “enhance” that allows individuals to include arbitrary tracks, which match the style and mood of those they currently love. Users can additionally examine their recent songs listening background by picking “just recently paid attention” from the listing of options.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music’s crucial feature is its very easy compatibility, which allows it to deal with Alexa – the voice assistant that many automobiles, homes and various other tech products already have. Amazon Music has Alexa built-in, so users can easily access their favored music without needing to touch a button.

This feature is particularly helpful if you are commonly when traveling. This attribute works in the same way that you would utilize Alexa for clever home appliances, with commands such as, “Hey Alexa open up the garage door,” or utilizing commands more like “Hey Alexa play some relaxing Jazz.”

Main Difference: Spotify Vs Amazon Music

Main Difference Spotify Vs Amazon Music

Amazon Music and Spotify both have a comprehensive checklist of functions in common and song directories that are nearly the same. There are some distinctions in between both services that might influence prospective audiences to select one solution over one more.

Spotify is a leader in the social media area thanks to its user friendly interface, access to all of their music completely free (with ads) and effective social features.

Amazon Songs has a greater audio top quality and a deeper combination with Alexa. It additionally includes Prime for countless people.

Pick between discovery and neighborhood. Spotify is the very best means to find brand-new music. Do you like audio top quality or Alexa’s comfort? Amazon Songs is awaiting you.

FeatureSpotifyAmazon Music
Music LibraryOver 82 million songsOver 100 million songs
Free TierFull access with ads, limited skipsLimited access, top playlists/stations only
Paid PlansIndividual, Student, Duo, FamilyIndividual, Student, Family, Single Device (Echo only)
PricingIndividual: $10.99, Student: $4.99, Duo: $15.99, Family: $17.99Individual: $10.99, Student: $4.99, Family: $15.99, Single Device: $3.99 (Prime) / $9.99 (non-Prime)
Audio QualityUp to 320kbps (Very High)Up to 850kbps (HD), Dolby Atmos, 360 Reality Audio
PodcastsOver 4.7 millionMillions, claims most extensive catalogue of ad-free major podcasts
Social FeaturesCollaborative playlists, sharing featuresLimited social features
Voice ControlWorks with various assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa)Optimized for Alexa, limited on other platforms
Integration with other servicesLimitedIntegrated with other Amazon services (Prime Video, Shopping)
Spotify Vs Amazon Music- Key Features

Prices: Spotify Vs Amazon Music

Prices: Spotify vs Amazon Music


Spotify uses a variety of strategies, including Costs, Duo, Family Members, Trainee, and Free. Spotify’s totally free ad sustained choice might remind you of Pandora, the prominent app that was once available. This app became popular thanks to an algorithm that arranges tracks based on artists and styles. Spotify’s cost-free strategy allows you to listen to any tune using the desktop computer or mobile app, yet with minimal skip choices and enduring promotions.

If you do not like commercials, Spotify costs intend to allow for more customers and several individuals to pay attention at the same time in the same office or home. Premium strategies will cost you $11 per month, while pupils pay just $5. Costs Duo, Costs Household, and Premium Duo are $13 per month and $16 per month-to-month, specifically. You might periodically find special deals and subscription incentives, but these are uncommon.

Amazon Music

You can choose from numerous Amazon Music intends consisting of Free, Amazon Music Prime Unlimited, Unlimited Family, and Single Device. As part of your Amazon Prime subscription, you are entitled to a more extensive music solution called Amazon Music Prime is cost-free, ad-free, and offers on-demand gain access to more than 100,000,000 tracks. Amazon Music Free is a similar solution that functions like a radio. There is no other way to pick a song.

Nevertheless, you can pick a genre. You’ll need to update the Unlimited Songs Plan if you wish to access Amazon. 

FeatureSpotifyAmazon Music (Prime Membership)Amazon Music (Non-Prime)
Individual Plan$10.99/month$8.99/month$10.99/month
Student Plan$4.99/month$4.99/month$4.99/month
Duo Plan (2 people)$15.99/monthN/AN/A
Family Plan (up to 6 people)$17.99/month$15.99/month$15.99/month
Free TierAvailable with ads and limited featuresLimited access, curated playlists/stations onlyLimited access, curated playlists/stations only
Single Device Plan (Echo/Fire devices only)N/A$3.99/month$9.99/month
Annual PlanN/AN/AN/A
Spotify Vs Amazon Music- All Plans

You can also check latest pricing plans from official websites as well:

Device Compatibility

Device compatibility


  • Broader compatibility
  • Suitable with a large range of devices, consisting of smartphones, tablet computers and computer systems.
  • Support for third-party systems and gadgets: Suitable Apple Watch, Fitbit Garmin Sonos etc.
  • Assistance for numerous voice assistants, consisting of Siri, Google Aide and Alexa.

Amazon Music

  • Deep assimilation of Alexa
  • Seamless controls on Mirror tools and Fire tablets. Functions exclusive to Amazon tools
  • Songs download for offline listening. Limited compatibility
  • Focuses on Amazon’s environment, and does not sustain some popular platforms.

User interface: Spotify Vs Amazon Music

User interface


Spotify is the best in this field. Spotify’s desktop computer application is much easier to use and more intuitive than Amazon’s. Spotify’s desktop computer application has many attributes that are not available on Amazon. It enables offline downloads, extra playlists, and a system that makes paying attention at home seem like an experience of expert quality. The mobile app has a comparable design and design, with user friendly features.

Amazon Music

Amazon Songs’s mobile app is simple to make use of, and has actually been appreciated by Amazon clients. On the other hand, the desktop computer application of this streaming service is a bare-bones application with very few features. Amazon Music is easy to use through the desktop web browser of the business, so why would anybody want to download the desktop application? Prevent the desktop application and adhere to the Amazon Songs application for mobile or desktop browsers.

Sound Quality: Spotify Vs Amazon Music

Sound Quality spotify vs amazon music


Spotify is shedding this Amazon Music Vs Spotify fight because they do not provide any CD-quality plans. Spotify intends to release a Spotify HiFi Strategy by the end or beginning of 2022. However, this has actually not happened.

Amazon Music

Amazon Songs Amazon is the victor when it comes to paid strategies since its songs Endless strategy subscriptions use CD-quality streaming. Songs Unlimited offers some songs in Ultra HD quality, which is a renovation over CD high quality. Truthfully, the typical audience may not even notice the distinction. If you pay attention to music in earphones, the difference is not visible. However, if you stream your music to surround sound speakers or other audio devices, this can make a large distinction.

FeatureSpotifyAmazon Music
Highest Streaming Quality320kbps Ogg Vorbis (Premium)Up to 850kbps (HD), Dolby Atmos, 360 Reality Audio
Additional Audio FormatsN/ADolby Atmos, 360 Reality Audio (limited selection)
Free Tier Streaming QualityNot applicableNot applicable
Mobile Data Saver OptionYesYes
Hardware Requirements for Highest QualityHigh-quality headphones/speakersHigh-quality headphones/speakers, DAC (for HD)
Spotify Vs Amazon Music- Sound Quality

Customization: Spotify Vs Amazon Music


Spotify is the champion because Amazon does not enable you to include both a description and a cover to your playlist. Spotify enables this.

Amazon Music

Customization Amazon Songs and Spotify are both on an equal footing when it concerns personalization. You can produce customized playlists on both streaming services and share them with your family and friends. You can additionally curate the recommended playlists by their algorithms.

Music Library: Spotify Vs Amazon Music

Music Liabrary


Music Library Spotify is the leader in music streaming when it involves song choice. Spotify has more than 82 millions tracks and 4.7 Million podcasts. This suffices to keep the majority of individuals delighted.

Amazon Music

Amazon is the clear champion. Amazon supplies over 100 millions tracks in lossless HD and much more in Ultra HD. Amazon asserts to have the biggest catalog of significant podcasts that are ad-free. Amazon supplies a variety of video clips and livestreams. You can produce a wonderful playlist using every one of these tracks.

Many people are reluctant to change songs streaming solutions since they have invested a lot time developing the excellent playlist. Tune my Songs allows you to cancel your membership any time. Moving your songs is very easy, and it’s FREE!

Music Library: Spotify Vs Amazon Music

FeatureSpotifyAmazon Music
Total Songs ClaimedOver 82 millionOver 100 million
FocusDiverse range of genres & artistsWider selection of mainstream & popular music
PodcastsOver 4.7 millionMillions, claims most extensive catalogue of ad-free major podcasts
Exclusives & OriginalsLimited selection of podcasts & curated playlistsGrowing selection of podcasts & Amazon Music Originals
StrengthsStrong indie & lesser-known artist representationDeep catalog of popular music & podcasts
WeaknessesMay lack depth in some specific genresSmaller selection of indie & niche artists
Spotify Vs Amazon Music- Music Library

Social Media: “Who Made Sharing Simple?”

Social Media who made sharing simple


What is the social element of Spotify? Spotify makes it so simple to share web content to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Spotify allows you share your material using Instagram, Facebook Stories or cd art to Snapchat. This will connect your buddies to the track instantly. If you are a musician, Amazon Songs makes sharing your web content on social networks easy.

Amazon Music

Amazon does not supply clear directions on just how to share your content via social networks if it’s you that is the average listener.

Final Words

Amazon Music or Spotify: Which streaming songs solution should you choose in 2023?

After observing some crucial distinctions, Amazon Songs Unlimited is the very best option for those that prioritize streaming high quality and use Alexa gadgets.

We locate that the Spotify interface is normally a lot more user-friendly and less complicated to utilize. Amazon Songs Unlimited, along with Spotify, help you find brand-new tunes. Spotify has bespoke playlists like the “Discover Weekly” mix and Amazon Music Unlimited uses a weekly updated “My Discover Mix”.

Whichever you decide on will ultimately depend on what your top priorities are. Spotify is a lot more pleasurable and intuitive for us directly, yet audiophiles are sure to favor Amazon’s premium audio top quality.


Which has more music?

Amazon Music: Claims over 100 million songs, but may contain more duplicates and less indie/niche artists.
Spotify: Offers over 82 million songs, with a stronger focus on diverse genres and lesser-known artists.

Which has better features?

Spotify: Strong social features, wider device compatibility, and user-friendly interface.
Amazon Music: Deeper Alexa integration, higher audio options, and growing podcast selection.

Which is more affordable?

Depends: Amazon Music can be cheaper with Prime, but Spotify’s Duo plan is budget-friendly for couples.

Which has a free tier?

Both: Offer free tiers with limited features, but only Spotify grants full access (with ads).

Which has better sound quality?

Amazon Music: Wins if you have high-end equipment, offering HD up to 850kbps and immersive formats like Dolby Atmos.
Spotify: Offers good quality at 320kbps, but lacks options like HD and Atmos.

Why is Amazon Music Free with Prime?

Amazon includes Amazon Music as part of the Prime membership bundle to increase the value proposition of Prime and attract and retain subscribers. They are likely subsidizing the music service with revenue from other parts of their business, like retail and cloud services.