Spotify vs LiveOne | What To Choose in 2024?

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You might searching for Spotify Vs LiveOne debate? If your answer is yes then you are on the right spot. In this article, we will try to uncover every small and big details about the two famous Music Streaming Apps around the globe. So continue reading!

Spotify vs LiveOne



Slacker Radio, an online music streaming service in the US and Canada, allows users to create and share customized music stations. Users can create and share their own customized music stations. It’s a lot comparable to Spotify because it has a large tune library, podcasts, and live streaming occasions. The app lets you purchase performance tickets, so it’s a one-stop song store. The interface can be complex, and you must be a Costs member to produce and share playlists


Spotify is the most music streaming solution today. Spotify has come to be the leader in the music streaming market. It has the most content readily available, including podcasts. Spotify does not provide a trial duration. Instead, you can delight in the complimentary version for as long as you like, yet advertisements will be played consistently. If you intend to download music, you will need to update it.

Pros And Cons | Spotify Vs LiveOne


Music LibraryVast (millions of songs)Sound quality varies (128/160 kbps free, up to 320 kbps premium)
PodcastsLarge selection (free and premium)Limited selection in free version
PlaylistsUnlimited creation and curationShuffle play limited in free version
Offline ListeningYes (up to 10,000 songs on 5 devices)No in free version
DiscoveryPersonalized recommendations and curated playlistsRecommendations more limited in free version
AdsNone in premium versionFrequent interruptions in free version
Song SkipsUnlimited in premium versionLimited (6 per hour) in free version
Social FeaturesShare music with friends, see listening historyLimited interaction compared to dedicated social platforms
Data UsageCan be high for streamingOffline listening minimizes data usage
CostFree version available, Premium: $9.99/monthLimited features in free version
LiveOne: Pros and Cons


Extensive Music LibraryAds in Free Version
User-Friendly InterfaceLimited Offline Access for Free Users
Personalized PlaylistsAudio Quality may not match some competitors
Cross-Platform SupportMonthly Subscription Fee
Podcasts and VideosLimited Artist Payouts
Collaborative PlaylistsDiscovery Algorithm limitations
Free Version AvailableLimited Regional Availability
Social IntegrationData Usage
Family Plan OptionCompetitive Market
Spotify: Pros and Cons

Free And Premium Plans

Free And Premium Plans


Choosing between the free and premium versions of LiveOne depends on your listening habits and how much control you want over your experience.

Get Premium for $9.99/month or Free Version

FeatureFree VersionPremium Version ($9.99/month)
Song SkipsLimitedUnlimited
Offline ListeningNoYes
Exclusive ContentNoYes
Podcast SelectionLimitedFull Library
Audio QualityStandardHigh
Custom StationsYesYes
Live Radio StationsThousandsThousands + Premium-only
Overall ControlLimitedHigh
LiveOne Free and Premium Plans


Spotify Costs supplies strategies to suit all requirements, whether you are a solo music lover or part of a family that enjoys songs. Premium individual is one of the most inexpensive strategies at $10.99 monthly. It provides ad-free music, unlimited skips of songs, and offline downloading. Couples and family members can divide Costs duo at $14.99.

Households of as much as six people can get Costs household at $16.99. Both share features such as a Household Mix Playlist. Pupils can get Costs pupil for $5.99. Confirmation is called for. Spotify provides a wide range of plans that enable you to access its massive song collection, podcasts and audiobooks. You can choose the plan you choose at any time. Costs are noted in USD; however, may vary depending on where you live.

FeatureFree VersionPremium Individual ($9.99/month)
Song Skips6 per hourUnlimited
Offline ListeningNoYes (up to 10,000 songs on 5 devices)
Audio Quality128 kpbs (web), 160 kpbs (mobile/desktop)Up to 320 kpbs
Podcast EpisodesLimited selectionFull access
Shuffle PlayLimited controlChoose any song, album, or playlist
RepeatRepeats entire album/playlistRepeat individual songs
Connectable DevicesUp to 3 devicesUnlimited devices
Family PlanNoAvailable – Premium Family ($16.99/month) for up to 6 accounts
Student DiscountNoAvailable – Premium Student ($5.99/month)
Overall ControlLimitedHigh
Spotify: Free Vs Premium


Spotify is winner in the context of providing versatility in plans for its users ranging from free, individual, student and family packages.

Larger Music Library

Larger Music Library

When it comes to Spotify Vs LiveOne debate, one might be interested in that which platform has more songs. Below is a breakdown of this question:


Spotify has a massive library. It boasts over 80 million songs. Discover Weekly and Launch Radar allow you to customize your song experience based on what you pay attention to. Spotify integrates effortlessly into social networks, making sharing and discovering new playlists easy. Spotify’s complimentary version features restricted skips and ad disturbances. Its audio quality is respectable; however, it is not as premium as a few of its rivals.


LiveOne is an excellent different to Spotify. Its music collection may be a little smaller, but it offers tens and countless tracks in all categories. LiveOne’s live offerings are superior, with exclusive radio terminals, concerts and events. Its material is additionally diversified by podcasts and audiobooks, making it an actual enjoyment centre.

LiveOne’s free solution lacks an on-demand song collection. However, its ad-supported stations provide plenty of discovery chances. Premium unlocks skips and on-demand music, but its top audio quality doesn’t match Spotify’s highest rates.


Spotify is winner with its over 80 Million songs collection all from top artists all over the world.




Spotify has almost 300 most popular podcasts.

LiveOne’s Podcast Library is not only diverse, but also provides in-depth content within each category. True crime fans will enjoy the captivating investigations and unsolved mystery. News junkies will find a variety of perspectives and in-depth analyses on current events. Fans of sports can find passionate and in-depth discussions about teams and leagues.

LiveOne caters to specific interests, such as business, science and technology. It offers engaging and insightful content. LiveOne’s library is constantly expanding and has something for everyone. Whether you want your daily doses of humor, stimulating discussions, or just to escape into an engaging story, LiveOne will have what you need.


Spotify offers 5 million podcast titles.

Spotify’s vast podcast library covers a wide range of topics, from beauty tips to video game reviews and film critiques. The app allows news junkies to stay up-to-date, while comedy fans can get their laughs. You’ll find a wide range of podcasts in categories such as business insights, music explorations, and health & fitness. Science and technology podcasts are a great way to learn about new discoveries and innovations. Society & Culture podcasts will spark conversations on current events, and provide a variety of perspectives. You can refine your search by browsing genres within each category.


Though Spotify claims 5M podcasts titles still LiveOne is giving Spotify a very tough time in particulary podcasts. So we can declare LiveOne as a winner in Podcasts feature.

App Interface



LiveOne’s interface is designed for simplicity and intuitiveness. A sleek, modern homepage welcomes you with featured podcasts, live stations, and personalized suggestions. The bottom navigation bar offers quick access to search, podcasts, and your library. Categories and subcategories make it easy to find podcasts that match your interests. Each podcast page includes essential information like episodes, descriptions, and hosts.

The familiar playback controls allow you to pause, skip, and rewind with ease. LiveOne also integrates offline download and social media sharing capabilities. Overall, LiveOne’s interface strikes a great balance of aesthetics and functionality, making it an easy platform to discover and enjoy audio entertainment.


Spotify’s app interface balances simplicity and functionality, making it easy to navigate for both newcomers and seasoned users. The main screen prominently displays your “Home” with personalized recommendations and recently played content. A persistent tab bar at the bottom grants quick access to “Search,” your “Library” of saved music and playlists, and the “Browse” section for exploring new releases, genres, and curated playlists. Each section is well-organized, using clear icons and concise text labels.

Playback controls are readily available, allowing you to easily play/pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, and like/dislike songs. Swiping right on any song reveals additional options for adding it to a playlist or sharing it. Spotify’s interface utilizes a clean aesthetic, often employing color palettes and imagery that reflect the currently playing music, creating a visually immersive experience. The app prioritizes intuitive design and discoverability, making it a user-friendly platform for music exploration and enjoyment.


Both Spotify and LiveOne have user friendly and easy to navigate app interfaces.

Ads In Free Version


When it comes to ads in free version of the two music streaming apps, LiveOne is more stuffed with ads. It gives user inconvenience experience to listeners when listening to their favorite songs.


In contrast to LiveOne, Spotify is way less stuffed with ads even in its free version so Spotify may be a better option when it comes to enjoying your liked tracks without any interruption.


So Spotify is clearly the winner in enjoying music in its free version without much ads.

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Device Compatibility



LiveOne is your musical companion on all your journeys, from mobile phones to tablets. You can also count on your automobile’s smart audio speaker or control panels. Feel the beats as you download LiveOne on your iOS tool or Android, stream from your internet browser, or make use of the Google Home or Amazon Echo to play the songs hands-free. Cast your favorite songs to the grand display with Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV.

LiveOne can serenade in between degrees or immerse yourself in the immersive soundtracks of your PlayStation 4 gaming adventures. LiveOne will keep you encouraged as you maintain your active lifestyle on your Apple Watch and select Fitbits. You can control LiveOne right from your control panel for those road symphonies. Show up the quantity and appreciate the songs as you travel through your life.

You can checkout more details on LiveOne official website.


This is just a list of some of the most popular devices that are compatible with Spotify. For a full list of compatible devices, please visit the Spotify website.

  • Computers: Access Spotify seamlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops through the dedicated desktop app for an enhanced listening experience.
  • Mobile Devices: Enjoy on-the-go music with the Spotify mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, ensuring a portable and convenient way to listen.
  • Smart Speakers: Transform your living space into a music haven by effortlessly controlling your playlist through voice commands on popular smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod.
  • Gaming Consoles: Elevate your gaming sessions with Spotify integration on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, immersing yourself in the perfect soundtrack for your virtual adventures.
  • Streaming Devices: Take your music to the big screen using Spotify on streaming devices such as Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV, providing a cinematic audio experience in the comfort of your home.
  • In-Car Entertainment: Turn your drives into a musical journey as modern car infotainment systems seamlessly integrate with Spotify, offering convenient control over your music while on the road.
  • Wearables: Stay active and entertained simultaneously with Spotify support on popular smartwatches and fitness trackers like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit, ensuring a harmonious blend of music and fitness in your daily routine.
  • Some Supported Devices With Spotify
iOSiOS 14 or above
AndroidAndroid OS 5.0 or above
MacOS X 10.15 or above
WindowsWindows 10 or above
Supported Versions With Spotify


Spotify is the winner because it is compatible with more devices as compared to LiveOne.App Detail

Final Words About Spotify Vs LiveOne

The decision between Spotify and LiveOne is ultimately based on your personal demands and choices. Spotify boasts a huge music library, a diverse podcast choice, and individualized recommendations, along with more comprehensive device compatibility. However, its free tier is limited, and the premium subscription costs are higher.

On the other hand, LiveOne provides a lower subscription cost, along with live radio, sports talk shows, and integration with specific car infotainment systems. Nonetheless, it has a smaller collection of songs, a limited podcast choice, and fewer customized features. Make an informed choice by considering factors like your music preferences, budget, podcast preferences, device compatibility, and desired features.

Spotify is the best choice if you are looking for a wide selection of songs and diverse recommendations. LiveOne might appeal to you if live radio, niche content, and cost are important factors. Consider features such as personalized recommendations, offline playback, and ad-free playback when making your decision.


Which platform has a bigger music library?

Spotify: Boasts a massive library with millions of songs across all genres.
LiveOne: Offers a smaller selection, focusing more on specific genres and live radio stations.

What devices are they compatible with?

Spotify: Wide compatibility with smartphones, computers, smart speakers, TVs, gaming consoles, and wearables.
LiveOne: Similar compatibility, but might have fewer supported devices for specific categories like wearables or in-car entertainment systems.

How much do they cost for premium subscriptions?

Spotify: Offers various individual and family plans ranging from $9.99 to $15.99 per month.
LiveOne: More affordable premium plan at $6.99 per month.

Which platform is better for podcasts?

Spotify: Extensive podcast selection with personalized recommendations based on your listening habits.
LiveOne: Limited podcast offerings, focusing on talk shows and comedy channels.

Do they offer free tiers?

Spotify: Yes, but with limited features like shuffled playback and ads.
LiveOne: Yes, free plan is available but with limited features.