Spotify Vs SoundCloud | Which Is Better – User Guide

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When it comes to choosing your favorite music streaming app, Spotify Vs SoundCloud, you may consider the features the two different music streaming platforms are providing.

Spotify vs Sound Cloud

In this article, we will step-by-step cover all the key features of Spotify and SoundCloud as well as the major differences between the two.

We will see in detail better user experience, affordability, music library, podcasts and many more so you may able to choose your suitable music streaming app at the end of this discussion.

So Let’s start with the very basic introduction!

What is Spotify?

Spotify is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Spotify is currently the most famous music streaming app used all over the world. It is freely available both at Play Store and App Store as well as users can also access it on their laptops [ Windows/Mac] through its web based version or can also install as desktop app. But to access most of the premium features, you need to buy premium subscription of Spotify which also comes with different plans.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud- famous music streaming platform- is owned by SoundCloud Limited. SoundCloud Limited is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. SoundCloud is also available both at Play Store and App Store and is used by many users. You can also use its web based version on your laptop [Windows/Mac].

But SoundCloud doesn’t offer dedicated desktop app.

Is SoundCloud Better Than Spotify?

The idea that “Is SoundCloud Better Than Spotify?” is totally based on your “What Specific Needs Do You Have?” and “What Are Your Expectations?”.

Here is a general features comparison of Spotify Vs SoundCloud:

You may note that in many features Spotify is clearly the Winner but in some features you may find SoundCloud as better option.

So the above question “Which is better?” is entirely relative based on your preferences and requirements.

FocusMainstream music streamingIndependent music, DJ sets, podcasts
Music LibraryLargerSmaller
Audio QualityHigher (up to 320 kbps)Lower (standard is 128 kbps)
Free TierLimited features, ads supportedMore features than Spotify free, ads supported
Subscription Multiple tiersTwo main tiers (Go/Go+)
Social featuresLimited (sharing, following)More robust
DiscoveryPersonalized recommendations, curated playlistsGenre & user-based browsing, trending tracks
PodcastsLarge and growing librarySmaller library, with a focus on independent creators
CostMore affordable premium optionsSimilar priced premium tiers, but offer less for the price
Uploading musicNot possible for regular usersPossible for all users (even on free plan)
MonetizationMore established system with various payout optionsLess developed system, mainly focused on subscriptions & fan-supported campaigns
Spotify vs Soundcloud: Brief Feature Comparison

What Specific Needs Do You Have?

Spotify is a wonderful app for those who appreciate discovering new songs and hit artists in depth. Spotify has customized suggestions through its smart recommendations algorithms. Spotify is a fantastic way to remain updated on mainstream releases, and present you to established artists based on what you pay attention to.

What Specific Needs Do You Have

SoundCloud is a hub of independent musicians and is a wonderful area to uncover underrated artists.

Spotify Premium permits you to download and install music for offline listening. SoundCloud is more focused on streaming however has attributes such as “fan-powered launch” which attaches you straight to the musicians that you sustain.

If you want to enjoy all premium features of Spotify without buying premium subscription, you can explore our following articles:

Detailed Features Analysis: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

Now we will step-by-step compare important features of the two famous music streaming apps. It will be a good strategy to read the whole features comparison and then at the end of the article, you should be able to draw a conclusion of the question “Which is better in Spotify Vs SoundCloud debate?”.

Which Music Platform Is Older: Spotify Vs SoundCloud


  • SoundCloud was Launched in August 2007.
  • On the other hand, Spotify was Founded in October 2006, but didn’t officially launch until October 2008.

Net Worth

  • Spotify, as of February 2024, Spotify’s market capitalization (total value of all outstanding shares) is estimated to be around $36.3 billion.
  • SoundCloud is a privately held company, so we can say that its exact net worth isn’t publicly available. However, certain estimates from 2022 placed it around something $1 billion.

Audio Quality: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

Audio Quality Spotify vs Sound Cloud

As you can see from the following table, Spotify Premium(320 kbps) wins over SoundCloud Go+(256 kbps) when it comes to sound quality. All the important details regarding sound quality are given below:

FeatureSpotify FreeSpotify PremiumSoundCloud FreeSoundCloud Go+
Bitrate160 kbps (app), 128 kbps (web)Up to 320 kbps (app), 256 kbps (web)128 kbps (standard)256 kbps
Audio FormatOgg VorbisAACMP3AAC
Frequency Range20 Hz – 20,000 Hz20 Hz – 20,000 Hz20 Hz – 16,000 Hz20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Perceived Audio QualityAverageHighBelow AverageAbove Average
Suitable forCasual listeningCritical listening, audiophilesCasual listeningCritical listening on mobile
Data UsageLowerHigherLowerHigher
Audio Quality Comparison: Spotify vs SoundCloud

Budget War: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

Both Spotify and SoundCloud are available free but with ads. Spotify provides free, individual, student and family plans while SoundCloud has only two plans as SoundCloud Free and SoundCloud Go+.

FeatureSpotify FreeSpotify Premium IndividualSpotify Premium StudentSpotify Premium FamilySoundCloud FreeSoundCloud Go+
Monthly CostFree$9.99$4.99$15.99Free$4.99
Head-to-Head Pricing: Comparing Spotify Vs SoundCloud [Free & Premium]

These pricing plans may update, so in case these plans update you can also checkout latest plans from their official websites as well:

Which Is More Popular: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

Spotify is definitely more popular. In fact, currently it is the most used music streaming app all the world. Spotify has almost more than 600 Million+ Active Users [free + paid].

On the other hand these numbers are relatively less by a large number. SoundCloud has approximately 150 Million+ Users [free + paid ].

Note: These numbers may update on a regular basis.

Larger Music Library: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

SoundCloud has more songs over 200 million. On the other hand, Spotify has 80 million. But the equation is not that simple.

Larger Music Liabrary

SoundCloud lets anyone upload songs, so the quality and types of music can differ a lot. On the other hand, Spotify mainly has professionally made, popular music, providing a smaller but more consistent selection.

Total Music Tracks80 million+150 million+ (excluding podcasts)
Licensed MusicYesYes, but also user-uploaded content
Monetization for MusiciansYesYes (through subscriptions & fan-supported campaigns)
Mainstream/Popular MusicMore dominantLess dominant, wider variety of genres & niches
Independent/Underground MusicLimited selectionLarger selection, strong community for discovery
Mainstream Hits or Hidden Gems? Unveiling the Music Landscape on Spotify & SoundCloud

Playlist Management: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

When it comes to Playlist Management, Spotify is certainly the best option because it allows you to create by name, manage and download entire playlists of your favorite artists. For downloading and offline listening, you may need to buy premium plans.

On the other hand, SoundCloud’s playlist monitoring devices consist of the capacity to include, remove, and reorder tracks, supplying a flexible and user-friendly way to curate a personalized listening experience. Whether developing themed playlists or organizing tracks based on preferences, SoundCloud’s playlist administration improves the general individual experience, making it convenient for individuals to browse and appreciate their music libraries.

Social Media Sharing: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

Spotify and SoundCloud both use robust social sharing attributes that allow users to share their preferred songs with good friends and fans.

Spotify enables users to share tracks, albums or playlists across various social media platforms, consisting of Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Snapchat. For this, Spotify Premium’s family plan is a great choice for sharing music, offering a discounted monthly subscription that accommodates up to six accounts.

Social Media Sharing spotify vs sound cloud

SoundCloud likewise permits individuals to share playlists and tracks throughout different social networks systems. This makes it simple for independent artists and newbies to be found and shared. SoundCloud positions a high concern on neighborhood involvement, as shown by attributes such as comments and reposts. These allow individuals to connect with the content and share it within their social circle.

Both platforms position a high concern on social assimilation in order to boost the music sharing experience for their customers.

Device Compatibility: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

Device Compatibility Spotify Vs SoundCloud


  • Smartphones: Available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Tablets: It smoothly works on tablets.
  • Desktop Computers: Spotify supports both Windows and Mac OS. Both web based version and desktop app.
  • Smart Speakers: Spotify can be connected with popular smart speakers, allowing users to control their music with voice commands.


Note: The only difference between Device Compatibility for SoundCloud is, it is not available as desktop app.

More Premium Users: Spotify Vs SoundCloud

It is difficult to tell exact number of premium users but according to some resources Spotify may have 200 Million+ Premium users as of Feb,2024.

On the other hand SoundCloud is much behind in this race with estimated premium users of approximately 8 Million+ as of Feb, 2024.


Spotify is a better option if you want to be updated with the latest music trends and want to connect with the most popular artists all over the world. It has diverse genres from pop to classic. It has Punjabi, Hindi, English and songs available in many more languages. Spotify has various premium plans and you can choose the one that suits you.

On the other hand, SoundCloud may be a better choice if you want to know about more about underground artists which are currently not the screen light.

Ultimately the choice is yours, you can choose based on your preferences and needs!


Which platform has more music?

Spotify boasts a larger library of licensed music (80 million+), while SoundCloud includes user-uploaded content (200 million+) alongside licensed music.

Do either platform offer podcasts?

Yes, Spotify has a large and growing podcast library, while SoundCloud offers a smaller selection primarily by independent creators.

Where can I discover independent music?

SoundCloud has a larger selection of independent and underground music, and a strong community for discovering new artists.

Why is Spotify so popular rather than SoundCloud?

Mainstream Appeal: It offers a larger library of licensed, mainstream music, catering to wider audiences.
User-Friendly Interface: Polished navigation and features make it easy to discover and listen to music.
Monetization: Established artists gain better payouts, attracting bigger names and listeners.
Free Tier: While limited, it attracts casual listeners who might later upgrade.

Which platform is free to use?

Both offer free tiers with limited features and ads.

Do either platform offer social features?

Both allow sharing and following, but SoundCloud has a more robust community with features like commenting, reposting, and messaging.

Which platform offers higher audio quality?

Spotify Premium offers up to 320 kbps, while SoundCloud Go+ offers 256 kbps. Both free tiers have lower bitrates.

What are the paid subscription options?

Spotify offers individual, student, and family plans with ad-free listening, offline listening, and higher audio quality. SoundCloud Go+ removes ads but doesn’t enable offline listening for free tracks.

Is SoundCloud owned by Spotify?

No, Spotify is not owned by itself. It is a publicly traded company, meaning its ownership is distributed among various shareholders. As of January 3rd, 2023, no single entity owns a majority share of the company.