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Spotify Vs Apple Music Features Battle


Quick Answer

Spotify and Apple Music are two of the most popular music streaming services. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Library Size: Both offer over 70 million songs.
  • User Interface: Spotify has a user-friendly interface with a focus on playlists and social sharing, while Apple Music integrates tightly with the Apple ecosystem.
  • Audio Quality: Spotify offers up to 320 kbps, while Apple Music streams at 256 kbps but uses the AAC format, which many believe offers better quality at lower bitrates.
  • Music Discovery: Spotify excels with personalized playlists like Discover Weekly, while Apple Music offers curated playlists by genre and mood.
  • Exclusive Content: Apple Music often has exclusive releases and radio shows.
  • Device Compatibility: Both are widely compatible, but Apple Music works seamlessly with Apple devices and Siri.
  • Price: Both services are similarly priced, with individual and family plans available.

Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference, especially regarding ecosystem integration and music discovery features.

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Which Platform is Older?

Spotify was founded in Sweden in 2006. Spotify was the first music streaming service to offer both freemium and paid options. It was a social network that focused on discovery, and allowed users to share and create playlists.

Apple Music was launched in 2015. It leveraged Apple’s device ecosystem and iTunes users. It was a seamless integration of Apple devices, and it focused on human-curated playlists.

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Spotify Vs Apple Music- Important Milestones

Market Share

  • Spotify Has the largest global market share (31%), with strong presence on both free and paid tiers. They continue to emphasize personalization, podcasts, and discovery.
  • Apple Music Second biggest market share (19%), with a loyal customer base within the Apple eco-system. They are focused on curated content and exclusives as well as integration with Apple products.


FeatureSpotifyApple Music
Individual Plan$10.99/month$10.99/month
Student Plan$4.99/month (includes Hulu + Showtime)$4.99/month
Family Plan (up to 6 accounts)$16.99/month$17.99/month
Duo Plan (2 accounts)$15.99/monthN/A
Free TierYes (with ads & limited features)No
Lossless AudioIncluded in PremiumIncluded
Spatial Audio (Dolby Atmos)Included in PremiumIncluded
Exclusive ContentLimitedOccasionally
Podcast IntegrationIncludedIntegrated with Apple Podcasts app
Live RadioLimitedN/A
Annual Subscription (Individual Plan)$99.99/year$109.99/year
Spotify Vs Apple Music- Pricing Plans (Feb 2024)

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You can checkout updated pricing plans of Spotify Vs Apple Music from official websites.



Here are the details on how to watch Joe Rogan’s Experience!

Apple Music does not currently offer Joe Rogan’s podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. You can only listen to the podcast as of today, 3rd February 2024.

  • Spotify Here is where an exclusive deal was signed for the hosting of the podcast in 2020. Spotify Premium subscribers can enjoy the podcast without ads, or listen for free.
  • YouTube In response to the news and controversy surrounding Joe Rogan’s podcast, Spotify has announced that Joe Rogan will be available on YouTube by 2023. YouTube Premium subscribers can access all episodes or listen to selected episodes.
  • Podcast platforms The Joe Rogan Experience can be found on third-party podcast platforms such as Podbean Pocket Casts and Overcast.

Apple Music does not offer the Joe Rogan Experience.

  • Spotify: Boasts a wider library with over 5 million podcasts, including some exclusives. Strong discovery tools like personalized recommendations and curated playlists.
  • Apple Music: Offers a smaller library (2.5 million podcasts) but focuses on editorial curation and human-selected collections. Integration with Apple Podcasts app provides access to even more shows.

User Interface

Visual Showdown: Spotify Vs Apple Music


  • Strengths: Vibrant interface, with large and eye-catching icons. The search bar is placed in the center of the screen for easy navigation. User preferences are prioritized on the personalized home screen.
  • Weaknesses : The menu options may feel cluttered to some users. The color scheme can overwhelm minimalists.

Apple Music

  • Strengths: Elegant, uncluttered design that maximizes usability. The black and white theme gives a sophisticated look. The “For You” section offers expert-curated suggestions.
  • Weaknesses: Interface might appear too simple for some users. Limitations in customization options when compared with Spotify.
FeatureSpotifyApple Music
Color SchemeBold and colorfulBlack and white, minimalist
EmphasisUser choice and discoveryCurated content and recommendations
SearchLarge search barIntegrated search within navigation
NavigationClear bottom bar with multiple tabsBottom bar with fewer, broader categories
Spotify Vs Apple Music- User Interface

Age Based Popularity

  • Spotify:
    • Skews younger (18-34)
    • Attracts a wider and more diverse audience
  • Apple Music:
    • Leans towards an older demographic (25-54)
    • Aligns with Apple device users

Market Research Reports

Audio Quality

FeatureSpotifyApple Music
Free Tier Audio QualityUp to 160kbps (Normal)Up to 256kbps AAC
Premium Tier Audio QualityUp to 320kbps Ogg VorbisUp to 256kbps AAC, Lossless (ALAC) available at 16-bit/44.1 kHz
High-Resolution AudioNot availableSpatial audio with Dolby Atmos, Lossless (ALAC) available at up to 24-bit/192 kHz
Streaming TechnologyOgg VorbisAAC
Download QualityUp to 320kbps Ogg VorbisMatches streaming quality chosen
Audio Quality- Spotify Vs Apple Music

Free Trial

Apple Music and Spotify both offer totally free trials to attract brand-new customers. Nonetheless, there are some essential differences that you ought to think about prior to registering.


  • Spotify: Provides a 1-month free trial both for private strategies and student plans.
  • Apple Songs Supplies a 6-month test when you purchase an Apple tool that is qualified (AirPods HomePod Beats), or a 1-month test if bought otherwise.


  • Spotify: The free rate is ad supported, has restricted skips and does not permit you to download and install tracks.
  • Apple Songs Test gives you full access to the functions consisting of ad cost-free listening, unrestricted skipping, offline playback and curated playlists.

Additional Notes:

  • Spotify supplies cost-free trials for both private plans and trainee strategies. Apple Songs, on the other hand, offers one trial for all individuals.
  • Apple Music’s test is complimentary, but it has some constraints. Apple Music’s complimentary trial duration depends upon whether you have actually acquired a qualified device.

Larger Music Library


  • Strengths:
    • Huge library: More than 80 million songs in various genres.
    • Discover new music with Personalized recommendations, curated lists, and powerful search engines.
    • A strong alternative & indie selection: Attracts those who enjoy these genres.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Classical Music limitations: Limited selection in comparison to specialized platforms
    • Periodic licensing gaps: Some artists or albums may be missing because of licensing restrictions.

Apple Music

  • Strengths:
    • High-quality audio: Offers lossless and spatial audio options for premium subscribers.
    • Curated playlists by experts: Features high-quality, human-selected playlists across various genres and moods.
    • Strong focus on mainstream music: Provides excellent coverage of popular and chart-topping hits.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Smaller library: Approximately 75 million songs, with less emphasis on niche genres.
    • Limited discovery tools: Recommendations and search might not be as personalized or diverse as Spotify’s.
    • No free tier: Requires a paid subscription for full access.

Spotify Library = 80 Million+ Songs | Apple Music Library = 75 Million+ Songs


Apple Music and Spotify are 2 of the largest streaming services, but they satisfy various preferences. Spotify is a terrific option for those that are seeking to uncover new songs, thanks to its diverse styles and exploration attributes. The freemium design is likewise a fantastic alternative for songs fans on a spending plan.

Apple Music uses exceptional audio top quality, playlists curated by specialists, and seamless combination with the Apple environment. Apple Songs is the platform of selection for those who want traditional music or high-fidelity listening. The “better” system will certainly depend upon what you value: cost and expedition with Spotify or top quality and assimilation with Apple Music. Delight in the journey and select your champ!

  • Recommendations:
    • Choose Spotify if:
      • You value variety and exploration across genres.
      • You enjoy social media features and music discovery tools.
      • Your budget is an issue and you would like to have a freemium version.
    • Choose Apple Music if:
      • You are a fan of high-quality audio and expert curation.
      • You listen to mainstream music a lot.
      • If you’re a user of Apple devices, you want seamless integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platform has more music?

Spotify: Boasts a larger library with over 80 million songs, but may have gaps in classical music.
Apple Music: Offers roughly 75 million songs with strong mainstream coverage, but less emphasis on niche genres.

Is any platform free?

Spotify: Provides a freemium tier with ad-supported listening.
Apple Music: Requires a paid subscription for full access.

Which platform offers better sound quality?

Spotify: Highest quality is “very high” (320kbps).
Apple Music: Offers lossless and spatial audio for premium subscribers.

Which platform is better for discovering new music?

Spotify: Features personalized recommendations, curated playlists, and powerful search tools.
Apple Music: Relies on human-curated playlists but may offer less personalized discovery.

Which platform integrates better with Apple devices?

Spotify: Works seamlessly across different devices and platforms.
Apple Music: Offers smooth integration with Apple devices and features like offline listening on Apple Watch.

Which platform is better for different music tastes?

Spotify: Ideal for exploring diverse genres, finding new artists, and budget-conscious listening.
Apple Music: Perfect for mainstream music fans, high-fidelity audio enthusiasts, and Apple device users who value integration.