Spotify Vs YouTube Music: Which is Best | User Guide 2024

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Introduction-Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Spotify Vs YouTube Music- In this article, We will cover all key points you should know before choosing a platform between the two.


The music streaming pioneer, Spotify offers a highly personalized audio experience. The collection is large, and includes both popular songs as well as lesser-known ones. Spotify is easy to use and makes music available to all. As we see Spotify Vs YouTube Music, Smart technology is used to create playlists like Discover Weekly or Daily Mixes that suggest music based on your tastes. Spotify is a popular music service because of its focus on new artists, and simple interface.

YouTube Music 

Let’s now talk about YouTube Music. It is the musical side to YouTube. Music is an experience that you can enjoy with your eyes and ears. YouTube Music is not just songs, but also music videos. This app lets you experience music visually by showing music videos along with the normal music. YouTube Music is more than just a music player. You can go on a musical journey that includes videos and content from all over the world.

FeaturesSpotifyYouTube Music
Library SizeLarger than YT MusicComprehensive music library
User InterfaceEasy user friendlyIntegrated interface with music videos
Audio QualityVarious options, clear soundHigh quality audio and video
Offline ListeningFor premium UsersFor premium users
Social LinkCommunity-focused, FacebookPrivate sharing, YouTube integration
CollaborativeReal-time playlist creationLimited collaborative options
Music Videos Only audioDominated by music videos
CompatibilityWith more devices than YT MusicCompatible with various devices
Discover WeeklyPersonalized weekly playlistsNo direct equivalent
PodcastsLarge library, exclusive contentIntegrated, less emphasis on exclusives
Radio StationsCustomizable radio stationsAlgorithm-driven radio
Lyrics For some tracksFor many tracks
Free VersionWith AdsWith Ads
Student PlansDiscounted plans for studentsStudent discounts available
Family PlansShared premium plans for familiesShared premium plans for families
PlaylistsExtensive selectionPlaylists with a focus on visuals
General Features ComparisonSpotify Vs YouTube Music

Unlock Spotify Premium Features

Apart from Spotify Vs YouTube Music discussion, To access premium features of Spotify for free, you can use:

User Friendly Design



Spotify is easy to use and simple for all. The app opens with a clean layout which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. The main screen shows playlists created just for you. It also displays songs that the app thinks will appeal to you and the latest releases. Playlists are easy to create and organize. Spotify wants both experienced and new users to be able to use the app with ease. Apps with simple and quick buttons allow for easy navigation.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is designed differently because it is from YouTube. YouTube is all about video. It is more exciting when the app mixes music videos and regular music. You’ll be greeted with music videos and suggested songs when you first open the app. YouTube Music is designed to help you discover new music by watching videos. Spotify Vs YouTube Music is a long debate, so keep reading.

Winner-Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Spotify’s clean layout, personalized playlists, and intuitive navigation secure its victory for the best user interface and experience.

Music Library


Spotify In terms of music libraries Spotify is the leader with millions of songs in genres. The platform goes beyond mainstream and invites users to explore Hidden Gems by emerging artists. It is clear that the platform is committed to supporting indie musicians, and it fosters a inclusive and diverse catalog. Spotify’s curated playlists and personalized recommendations transform your music experience into a soundtrack that is tailored to each moment.

YouTube Music

Hello Spotify Vs YouTube Music readers, YouTube Music leverages its video-sharing roots to present a extensive music library which extends beyond the traditional audio track. The collection includes music videos as well cover and remixes. The integration of regular YouTube broadens the catalog by providing access to diverse content. YouTube Music integrates visuals to create a holistic experience. This includes videos as well as a range of content.

Winner-Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Spotify Melodic Diversity Spotify’s vast library of music, which spans genres and supports emerging artists, along with its curated playlists has secured it the victory in providing a diverse and personalized musical experience.

Audio Quality



Spotify is aware of the importance of audio quality for its listeners. You can choose from a variety of audio alternatives. Spotify has options for everyone, whether you’re looking for the best audio high quality with a premium registration or intend to save data on your smart device. There are also a great deal of podcasts and playlists that seem terrific.

YouTube Music

Songs on YouTube is also worried about the audio of your songs, however in an unique way. They integrate audio and visuals. You obtain a great noise that matches your assumptions. YouTube Music is one-of-a-kind because it enables you to watch music videos with premium quality. YouTube songs is an excellent way to delight in music videos.

Winner-Spotify Vs YouTube Music

It is a tie between Spotify and YT Music in terms of audio quality because both provide high level of premium audio quality for their users.

Audio QualityYouTube MusicSpotify
AutomaticN/ALinked with Internet speed
Low48 kbps24 kbps
Normal128 kbps96 kbps
High256 kbps160 kbps
Very High / Always High256 kbps320 kbps
Audio Quality-Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Offline Listening


Spotify For users who are constantly on the go or wish to conserve information, is the very best choice. Spotify uses a powerful offline listening function. Spotify Premium clients can download their favored cds, playlists or tunes to take pleasure in offline. It’s simple to create a library that can be accessed without an internet connection. This feature is specifically valuable for users who live in areas where connection is limited or favor to conserve data, while still enjoying their favored tunes.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music Acknowledging the significance of offline availability, YouTube Music offers a similar service to individuals who want to listen their preferred tracks also without a net link. Individuals can create a collection of offline video and audio tracks. This adaptability enables users to select in between paying attention to sound just and seeing video offline. YouTube songs allows customers to take their songs with them wherever they go and overcome connectivity concerns.

Winner-Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Spotify is the clear winner in this context because of its robust functions and smooth procedure. Spotify Costs clients have the choice to download and install private tunes, cds or playlists. This allows them to produce a personalized collection that can be enjoyed offline. This function is specifically valuable for individuals that reside in areas where connection is restricted or wish to conserve data.

While YouTube songs provides a comparable service for offline listening, Spotify’s emphasis on user-friendliness and its concentrate on quality, efficiency, and convenience of use give it an edge. Spotify’s offline paying attention success results from the personalized and smooth procedure of creating a library.

Pricing Plans for Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Pricing PlansSpotifyYouTube Music
Free TierAd-supported listening, limited skipsAd-supported listening, limited skips
Premium (Individual)Monthly subscription fee (typically $9.99)Monthly subscription fee (typically $9.99)
Ad-free listeningAd-free listening
Unlimited skipsUnlimited skips
Offline downloadsOffline downloads
Higher audio qualityBackground playback
Access to Spotify ConnectAccess to YouTube Premium content
On-demand song playback
Premium FamilyMonthly subscription fee (typically $14.99)Monthly subscription fee (typically $14.99)
All benefits of individual PremiumAll benefits of individual Premium
Family Mix feature (shared playlist)Family Mix feature (shared playlist)
Premium DuoMonthly subscription fee (typically $12.99)N/A (Not available)
All benefits of individual Premium for two
Duo Mix feature (shared playlist)
Premium StudentN/A (Not available)Monthly subscription fee (typically $4.99)
All benefits of individual Premium at a
discounted rate for eligible students
Spotify Vs YouTube Music Pricing Plans

Note: These prices may update.

Spotify Vs YouTube Music | Latest Pricing Plans

Platforms Compatibility



Spotify offers a music streaming service that is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, smart speakers and gaming consoles. The platform is available on a variety of operating systems and allows users to access its vast music library. Spotify Connect allows users to seamlessly switch between devices, improving the listening experience.

  • Compatible with iOS devices and Android devices
  • Accessible on desktop computers running Windows and macOS
  • Versatile for smart speakers and gaming consoles
  • Wide reach across multiple operating systems
  • Spotify Connect allows seamless transitions between devices.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The integration of YouTube Music with the regular YouTube platform creates a combined music and video platform, increasing accessibility. YouTube Music is available on smart TVs and smart speakers as well as other connected devices. Users can enjoy a customized and immersive musical experience.

  • Compatible with iOS devices and Android devices
  • Accessible on desktop computers running Windows and macOS
  • Versatile for smart TVs and speakers
  • Integrate with YouTube to combine content.
  • Compatible with a wide range of connected devices

Winner-Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Spotify is the clear winner in terms of platform compatibility. It offers a wider range of devices, and seamless device transitions with Spotify Connect. Both platforms are compatible with common devices such as smartphones and desktops computers. However, Spotify has a wider range of compatibility, including gaming consoles, and its dedicated feature to smooth device transitions gives it an edge.

Social Integration



  • Social sharing is strong: Shares songs seamlessly on major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Shared Playlists: Create shared playlists with your friends to spark musical conversations and share experiences.
  • Friend activity feed: Discover what your friends listen to, spark conversations, and discover new music based on shared taste.
  • Spotify connect: Share your music with friends in the same network. Create synchronized listening sessions.
  • Limited livestreaming: Offers select artists the opportunity to experience live music, creating a community of fans.

YouTube Music

  • Basic Social Sharing: Shares content to social media, but information pulled may be limited compared to Spotify.
  • Community Features: Integrates with YouTube comments and likes, but lacks dedicated features like collaborative playlists.
  • Music Video Focus: Sharing often leans towards music videos, catering to those who enjoy visuals alongside music.
  • Limited Collaboration: Offers “Shared Listen” feature for basic real-time playback with one friend, lacking the flexibility of Spotify’s playlists.
  • YouTube Integration: Comments and likes on music videos spill over to YouTube Music, potentially creating a wider social experience.

Winner-Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Spotify emerges as the clear winner in social integration. Its features are more diverse, user-friendly, and widely compatible with popular social media platforms. Collaborative playlists, a dedicated activity feed, and Spotify Connect set it apart, fostering a stronger sense of community and musical discovery among friends.


After reading this article-Spotify Vs YouTube Music- you can choose your favorite platform. As you have seen that in many features Spotify is the clear winner with its large music library, customized playlists and user friendly and easy to use design.

On the other hand if you prefer to watch music videos along with audio, you may better opt YT Music as it provides high resolution song videos.

We also compared pricing plans of the two music streaming platforms, so you may choose your suitable plan and that’s it of this article!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Spotify’s Discover Weekly work?

Discover Weekly utilizes a unique algorithm that analyzes your listening history and preferences to curate a personalized playlist of new music every week. It’s a fantastic way to discover tracks tailored to your taste.

Can I share my playlists on YouTube Music?

Absolutely! YouTube Music allows users to share their favorite playlists directly through messaging apps, creating a more private sharing experience. Share the music you love with friends effortlessly.

What sets YouTube Music apart from regular YouTube?

While regular YouTube is primarily a video-sharing platform, YouTube Music focuses specifically on the music experience. It seamlessly integrates music videos, creating a multisensory journey that combines audio and visuals.

Which platform is better for discovering new music?

As far Spotify Vs YouTube Music, Both Spotify and YouTube Music have features designed for music discovery. Spotify’s Discover Weekly and curated playlists are renowned for introducing users to new tracks, while YouTube Music’s integration with regular YouTube provides a visual dimension to exploration. It ultimately depends on your preferences and how you like to discover music.

Can I listen to music offline on both platforms?

Yes, both Spotify YouTube Music offer offline listening options. Spotify Premium subscribers can download playlists, albums, or individual songs, while YouTube Music allows users to download both audio tracks and music videos for offline enjoyment.

How diverse is the music catalog on Spotify?

Spotify boasts an extensive music library featuring millions of songs across various genres. Whether you’re into mainstream hits or exploring hidden gems from emerging artists, Spotify caters to a diverse range of musical tastes.

Are there any exclusive features for Spotify Premium users?

Yes, Spotify Premium offers exclusive benefits like ad-free listening, offline downloads, and the ability to skip unlimited tracks. It provides a seamless and enhanced music streaming experience for subscribers.